Icod de los Vinos – the best Tenerife wine place to visit

Icod de los Vinos, a must-see for everyone who likes wines

The popularity of volcanic wines keeps growing, no wonder that the Tenerife wine belongs to the prominent. If you decide to explore this beautiful island during your Tenerife holidays, you will see the striking differences of the local natural scenery. Icod de los Vinos is one of those lovely places with many cosy wineries.

The island of volcanic origin rises sharply from all sides of the sea up to a height of 3718 m. Dominated by Pico del Teide, the highest mountain of the Kingdom of Spain. Temperature in Tenerife is relatively stable throughout the year – approximately 20-28 ° C with a minimum of rain showers. The northern part of the island is greener and the weather in Tenerife South is much warmer and drier. This is the perfect climate for wine agriculture. No wonder that you can find approximately 7400 hectares of vineyards in Tenerife.

Travelling for tasting a delicious wine in the area of Icod de los Vinos combined with discovering the beautiful natural scenery found on this beautiful island creates just an unforgettable experience. Since the vineyards are located in rather remote locations, we strongly recommend to rent a car in Tenerife.

A bit history of the Icod de los Vinos

Canary wine has a very good name in the world. It gained many supporters, and many of them mentioned even in the works of literary giants such as Sir William Shakespeare or Sir Walter Scott.

Icod de los Vinos has a has tradition of wine-growing since the 16th century. The wine came to the island thanks to the colonisers which brought it from Greece. Over time, wine production has expanded to such an extent that it was possible to export to different parts of Europe. During centuries the wine production has played a very important role in the economy of Tenerife.

The first producted Tenerife wine was made from the white grapes – Arbillo, Verdello, Listan Blanco or Malvasía. Malvasian wines have characteristic fruity flavour and more long-lasting taste. An amazing combination is to complement the sipping of wine with tasting delicious Canarian cheeses.

The most famous Tenerife wine town is Icod de los Vinos, which owes its fame to not only wine, but also to the oldest dragon tree in the world, “Drago milenario”. From the botanical point of view, however, it is not right to consider this plant as a tree. It is actually a herb, that perhaps is the oldest herb in the world. According to scientific surveys its age is reaching 600 years.

Icod de los Vinos has the highest concentration of wineries, from the cosy small ones to the bigger wine producers. Well known is the wine museum Casa del Vino located in the El Sauzal village. Except museum you can admire beautiful vineyards, participate in amazing wine tastings and try local delicious cuisine in the local restaurant. All that you can find in just one spot.

This article launches our Tenerife winery expedition. We are preparing further information and tips for your Tenerife trip.

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