Tenerife wine: visit one of the best vineyards on the island

If you are traveling on this beautiful and sun-kissed island, you should definitely taste local volcanic Tenerife wine.

The best way to travel around the island is to rent a car during your Tenerife holidays. The wine-growing areas usually lead to narrow roads, which are located in terrased hills mainly in the El Sauzal region. Here is also the beautiful Bodegas Monje vineyard. This vineyard, in addition to very fine wines, boasts beautiful views of El Teide and frequently evolving landscape of La Hollera.

Tenerife wine and its production

The history of this vineyard is indeed very rich. It is already the fifth generation that maintains the traditional family business. It all began in the 1750 when the Monje family began to produce wine. The production of wine here is still being processed in the same way but with modern maceration systems and it is all made with a natural base. The oak barrels will ripen a fine Tenerife wine with a unique flavor, as it gains a specific taste with volcanic soil minerals.

“The yearly production is 150,000 liters of wine. The special character and taste of red, white and rosé wine Monje has gained its fans also abroad, 20% of our total production goes to export. We supply our wines to 19 countries.” Felipe Monje announces with a smile.

During your visit the professionally trained staff will present the history of the winery, the ways of processing and you can see the cellars where the wine macerates are located. The harvest takes place in autumn, September or October. Within a month, a 20-member team will collect the sun-drenched grapes and the production can begin.
Bodegas Monje prides itself on a natural wine processing. Carbon maceration is carried out in an ecological way without any extra substances. This is a process where alternate hot and cold streams are used.

After the excursion follows the best part – the wine tasting. You can select from different packages which the vinery offers. The restaurant serves traditional dishes based on traditional Canarian cuisine using local ingredients. Here you find the highest quality food under the supervision of the chefs of Moises Rodríguez and Ardenio Hidalgo.

Sit down in the sunbeams on this beautiful terrace and enjoy with all the senses this unforgettable experience.

Tenerife wine

Love Pink!

The winery has a novelty, a new product that is the pink sparkling wine. Production started in 2015 from the grapes “Negramol”, followed by quality testing and last but not least, time of maturing. Patience and waiting have been paid off, this year we can officially begin to consume these delicious rosé bubbles.

Wine and Sex

Enjoy life full of sips! We only live once! Wine and sex! This is the name for an extraordinary evening event for adults who want to taste something new. Wine and sex is just another experience. Everything begins with a gastronomical proposal, followed by tasting great wines and the main erotic show. Charged performing arts, pleasant music, dance and eroticism. Just a party with everything. These are very exclusive events and you can participate only 4 times a year. Come and experience an erotic charge!

Bodegas Monje gives you the best experience of the wine, gourmet and erotic…depends on you what you are going to choose.

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