Yoga Tenerife

Yoga Tenerife: relax your soul and stretch the body

Yoga Tenerife: take a deep breath of the sea air, relax your shoulders and forget the hustle and bustle.

Get surrounded by peacefull environment in nature. To exercise joga next to the sea makes for a completely different atmosphere than in the gym. Moreover, yoga is not just an exercise, but a life philosophy – a philosophy of joining and merging with nature and meditation in the fresh air. Try an hour of yoga in nature and you can see the difference. Exercise yoga Tenerife on the sea coast creates an atmosphere that is indescribable.

The study focuses not only on the traditional health aspects of yoga, but also on the artistic, creative part to develop mental and social skills. Yoga Tenerife can benefit everyone and help make their own personal progress. Regardless of age, level of fintess or medical condition (except of course for serious injuries musculoskeletal system) can join everyone, who wants to activate a body and mind in new directions.
Enrich your Tenerife holidays with a very nice activity and meet the yoga professional instructor Emily Evans.
Her life has been devoted to yoga, which has been practicing for many years. She gained her qualification in Thailand and extended her experience in Morocco, the UK, and the Himalayas.
Yoga Tenerife

Better flexibility and concentration

During the lesson you will feel really relaxed. Everything starts with a pleasant relaxation and overall calming of your mind. Followed by breathing exercises, which have the advantage of inhaling the fresh sea air. The intensity is adjusted so everyone can manage the difficulty of individual exercises. The most beautiful part of the lesson is the sunset, which highlights the overall experience and joy of movement.
Yoga helps you gain more flexibility. Already after a few hours you will find that you are moving the boundaries while stretching the entire range of motion. There are many studies tha t prove that yoga helps to reduce the level of cortisol, which is literally a trigger for stress. Exercise helps you to train your muscles to stay relaxed but also to work properly.
Yoga Vibe sunset lesson you can find on the coast of La Caleta or Los Christianos.
Yoga is a phenomenon and attracts more and more supporters. It is a popular way to relieve stress, relax and strengthen the body from the ground. In addition it will help clear and purify the mind.

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