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Find your ideal car at the best price!

Although you´re not in Spain but are planning your next holiday in the marvellous city of Barcelona,you have come to the right website,that from any point you can contract our exclusive rentalcar service in Barcelona and move at your own free will through this spectacular Cosmopolitan city.At Holiday Car we are always thinking of your satisfaction and we have the pleasure of offering you our great service in Barcelona.Take advantage of the perfect way of independence and comfort that we can offer with our wide selection of rental cars from the latest models to our most popular range of makes on the market,that you can choose at the most major tourist points in this beautiful city and at the airport for your convenience.Allow yourself the total freedom and Independence to explore this precious city and above all at the best prices.

Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city,soaked in history and fun,and diverse in it´s mixed cultures and being so close to the sea.At Holiday Car we invite you to get to know it and offer you the most prestige service of rental cars that you can find in Barcelona,our fame being of responsibity and quality ,something we have gained with our previous distinguished customers.

Discover Barcelona with your rental car and find not only it´s emblamatic sites but also it´s magnificant geografic corners,it´s villages,it´s people,from the roman origin and their ancestrial traditions and customs that are what makes this area so diverse.

Also in Barcelona you can find a rich cultura,with deep tradition such as the “Fiesta de la Merce”or the “Gracia,Sants or Poblenou”.An unforgettable opportunity to get to know the folklore side of the city at your own pace in one of our rental cars. Furthermore,during your marvellous holidays,you can enjoy the mediterranean feel of Barcelona that you can experience by the sea with it´s exquisite gastronomy.You can find beautiful beaches,sport marinas and golf courses right by the sea.Also,for nature lovers,there are many beautiful places to visit without venturing too far out of Barcelona,in the mountains of Cordilla Litoral and the Catalan Piraneos. We invite you to search our website to get the best possible deal on rental cars in Barcelona and make your reservation from any part of the world,and start to look forward to this beautiful city.Holiday Car is at your service with it´s quality and commitment at your disposal. Don´t forget that if you have any queries we will be delighted to attend you,always striving for your satisfaction and comfort.

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