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Find your ideal car at the best price!

Are you planning your next holidays to the marvellous city of London,the beautiful capital of England that sits on the banks of the river Thames? What better way to explore the numerous attractions that this enchanting city has to offer at your own pace and with no timetable itineries to worry about,than with your rental car. At Holiday Car, for your comodity,we have our rental car service in this historic,vibrant city,as an ideal option for your comfort and Independence.

We have a wide range of rental cars from the most popular makes to the latest models and the most well known on the market where you can choose yours from the most strategically placed points in the city.Have leisure and freedom and all at the best possible prices and our guarantee of trust and security.Not forgetting that in this lovely city it is required that you drive on the left and overtake a vehicle on the right! London is a city that offers so many different cultures,leisure activities and fun that it´s imposible to mention all.From the city centre,it´s shops,restaurants,famous bars,traditional landmarks of plenty and the popular traditional street markets,that cannot be missed.

With your rental car at Holiday Car you can explore the city and it´s surroundings,go back in time to the area of Westminster surrounded by the river Thames,visit St.Pauls Cathedral,contemplate the marvellous artworks at a multitude of worldly known museums and much,much more. Discover in the city,the exclusive areas of Chelsea and Hampstead and the Modern Shoreditch.Get on board one of the boats destined for Greenwich and visit the Cutty Sark,The Royal Observatory and the Meridiano Cero and Marine Museum.

Enjoy the most amazing views from the London Eye,where you can see the Houses of Parliment,the London Aquarium,The Tate Modern,St.Pauls etc, etc. Furthermore,you can pay a visit to the Tower of London,the historic property of the Royal Family and home to the Crown Jewels,protected there by the famous Beefeaters and is a site of Human Patronomy.As well they offer a great selection of activities and entertainment,including The Tower of War,Royal Beasts,Fit for a King and Tower Twilight. If it´s nightlife you´re after,London is renowned for it´s theatres ,situated in Shaftesbury Avenue and the infinity of nightclubs,concert halls with world famous artists and hundreds of bars. To enjoy all of this and much,much more,take advantage of the immense choice of attractions on your visit to London, reserve your rental car at Holiday Car and see that with our trustworthy and quality service your satisfaction is our priority

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