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Rome,the eternal city,capital of Italy,with it´s cultural patronomy that has assured it´s place in history,art, arquitecture, religion and not forgetting,gastronomy,which has an enormous influence throughout the world and is the city most touristic of Italy and indeed of Europe. Are you planning your next holiday in this city full of suprises?

Renting a car with Holiday Car is the perfect alternative to explore all that this magical city and it´s surrounding areas has to offer.For that reason,at Holiday Cars we have at your disposition a large range of vehicles from the most popular brands to the more luxurious and elegant types.All this can be organized from your home or office simply by clicking on our web page and you have our guarantee and professionalism and all at a great price.

Rome is a vibrant city that you will fall in love with on sight,no time to be bored because all it´s corners have their own special attraction.A precios city that you won´t tire of getting to know it´s marvellous places and for sure you won´t want to miss a thing. All of this you can do with your rental car from us at Hoilday Cars and all in your own time.

Discover this vibrant city,enjoy the freedom that you have with a rental car to see the marvellous contrast between history and modern that Rome has to offer. Places such as the Roman Coliseum,a site full of history and the magical Trevi fountains,the tiny but majestic city of the Vatican,the impresionable square and the Cathedral of St.Peter and the amazing Sistine chapel.These are an absolute must to visit and all at your own pace and without restricting timetables with your rental car. Of course not forgetting the incredible gastronomy Rome has,at a grand variety of cafes and restaurants to appetise your palette. To relax a little,sit and savour a rich cappuccino or a tasty cornetto,then continue to visit the rest of the city,for example the Piazza Navonna one of the most important and famous places there. Enjoy all that this eternal city has to offer and allow us to accompany you,because at Holiday Car your satisfaction is our priority.

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